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Why You Should Read Books

Best Reasons Why You Should Read Books

  1. Kills time -  Even though it is not an inspirational reason, it can make you read, when you are bored.
  2. Word Power – It is a general truth that reading increases the vocabulary.You cannot control your thoughts but certainly your words.
  3. Cultivates Creativity – It makes us think & fantasize our own world. You can make yourself an inspiration.
  4. Never Alone – If you read a book, you are never alone.A book can evade your loneliness.
  5. Explore the World – You can explore the past, present & future, hence then take on the world.

  6. Self  Respect – You will have an opinion on yourself  & we can become proud of ourselves.
  7. Makes Study Easier – Reading can make your studies easy. It makes you understand the base.
  8. Exercise for mind - It makes your mind think & thus prepares you.
  9. Have fun – Reading can be fun if you want it to be one. It is a good reason to read.
  10. Prepares us – Reading makes us prepare ourselves to face the world. It can make us think wise in situations.